Movie studios are pushing back major releases as far back as an entire year as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic disrupts the reopening of movie theaters. Movie theaters, already aching for business amid mass closures and drastically reduced traffic, will likely feel a significant pinch in the coming months due to the absence of significant releases.

The coronavirus pandemic has wrought widespread havoc on the entertainment industry, from the closure of theme parks to delaying the release of significant films. The movie industry has been hit particularly hard, with movie theater chains in desperate need of business. Popular theater chains are struggling financially; AMC Entertainment (AMC  ), for example, reported in May that it was in dire financial straits and might not survive the pandemic. While the theater chain was in talks for a deal that could stave off bankruptcy, the future of the chain still looks bleak.

AMC and its compatriots may be even worse for wear now that studios are postponing upcoming releases, however. Major studios are pushing back movies as far as a year to cope with reduced theater traffic. Decreased returns are also a major factor, while digital release has provided many studios with income during the pandemic, but revenue from digital distribution hasn't been enough to support significant releases from studios.

Disney (DIS  ) is moving back several major releases across its many franchises. Marvel's Black Widow has been pushed back to May of 2021, with other Marvel films such as Eternals and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings also being delayed until 2021. James Cameron's Avatar 2, which is being distributed by 20th Century Studios, one of Disney's subsidiaries, was also pushed back, with release expected in 2022.

No Time to Die, reportedly the final film starring Daniel Craig as legendary celluloid spy James Bond, was slated to release in April but has been pushed back to November. Universal (parent company Comcast, (CMCSA  ) is jointly distributing the film with United Artists. Ghostbusters: Afterlife, a direct sequel to the original two Ghostbusters films, was initially set to release in July but has been delayed until March of 2020.