Motional and Lyft (LYFT  )recently announced the pair are launching a robotaxi service to residents in Los Angeles, California.

This particular service will consist of Motional's Hyundai (HYMTF  ) Ioniq 5 electric vehicles, which will be capable of full self-driving abilities by the time it comes out. "We plan to reveal timing when we are closer to launch," a spokesperson from Motional commented in a statement.

Much earlier in 2022, Motional and Lyft rolled out a robotaxi service in Las Vegas, Nevada, so this service in Los Angeles marks its second robotaxi release. Before Motional begins to take potential passengers and let them ride vehicles, it still requires permits from the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to accepting revenue for various trips.

"Motional has applied for a permit with the California DMV to begin driverless testing. Motional has been testing in Southern California for over a year and we look forward to working with local partners to expand our activity to include driverless operation," a Motional spokesperson commented. "We expect to have the appropriate permits to charge for rides ahead of the commercial launch."

This new self-driving vehicle service has caused a huge change in taxi or ride hailing businesses. Lyft is attempting to find a way to bring in revenue but first, some of its ideas and visions for the future must be further adjusted. At one point, Lyft discouraged consumers from owning cars for themselves, and still continues to do so, though perhaps to a lesser degree.

"This is an exciting next step for Motional and Lyft as we bring robotaxis to Lyft riders in Los Angeles for the first time," Karl Iagnemma, Motional's President and CEO, said in a statement. "Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the U.S. and represents a huge market opportunity for AV adoption. This service will build on the five years of commercial experience we already have with Lyft, and give Los Angeles riders a driverless experience that prioritizes safety, is affordable, and supports the city's commitment to improved mobility."