The markets finished near their highs today but still mostly mixed. Despite the weakness in oil (down 6% to 31.65 per barrel) the markets were able to shrug off the mornings losses. The Nasdaq led the way with a gain of 6 points (0.14%). The S&P 500 lost a fraction of a point (-0.05%) and the Dow posted an 18 point loss (-0.11%) Twitter (NADSDAQ: TWTR) made headlines after reports came out that Marc Andreesen could partner with another private equity group to try and buy the company. Recently we saw a shakeup of Twitters ownership that caused several top executives to leave the company. The news today sent the stock soaring 6.61% as investors cheered the idea of fresh ownership.

Another down day for GoPro (GPRO  ) as shares lost another 3.41%. This comes after yet another downgrade from Piper Jaffray. The weakness of GoPro hasn't shocked investors. The company executives have been quite forward with their weak performance expectations. GoPro now trades on its 52 weeks low ahead of earnings this Wednesday.

Lastly, the worst seems to be over for fast casual retailer Chipoltle (CMG  ). Shares climbed 4.34% today as the Center for disease control says they may soon declare an end to the restaurants E coli outbreak. If this happens it means that the agency would close its entire investigation of the outbreak across the network of stores. Technical traders note a slowdown in the selling volume and more pressure to the upside in the short term.