This week's hot IPO is Datadog Inc. (DDOG  ), which was priced at $27 per share on September 19. With an offering of $648 million and 24 million initial shares, the cloud-scale monitoring service with approved to run on the Nasdaq under the symbol DDOG. This IPO is hot because there is high investor demand with high growth outlook. The stock also chose not to sell to Cisco (CSCO  ), which means that the company and investors see a potential profit above the more than $7 billion offered.

Recently Priced:

On September 17, Apex Technology Acquisition Corp. (APXTU  ) unleashed their public trade offering amount of $305 million. Trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol APXTU, the company's hares were priced at $10 with an initial 30.5 million shares. The company's shares took in positive growth in its first few days of trading, with stock price remaining in the $10.17-$10.15 range.

On September 18, IGM Biosciences Inc. (IGMS  ) shares were priced at $16 per share with a starting number of 10,937,500 shares. With the initial public offer amount of $175 million, the biotechnology company was approved to trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol IGMS. The company's stock has been doing quite well in its first week of trading, with its stock price being in the $21.47-$22.53 range.

Also on September 18, Envista Holdings Corporation's (NVST  ) stock was priced at $22 per share with 26,768,000 shares raised. Running under the symbol NVST on the NYSE, the dental products company had an offer amount of $588,896,000. Envista has had a positive range of stock growth in its infancy, with the stock price ranging between $27.51-$29.08 currently.

On September 19, the life sciences company Exagen Inc. (XGN  ), was approved to run under the symbol XGN on the Nasdaq. The company's stock price was set to $14 per share with 3.6 million shares raised. Exagen had given a public offering of $50.4 million and currently the stock ranges from $17.08-$18.49.

Also on September 19, Ping Identity Holding Corporation (PING  ) went public on the NYSE under the symbol PING. The technology company had shares set to the price of $15 with 12.5 million shares raise. The company had an initial offering amount of $187.5 million and currently shares range around $19.


Peloton Interactive, Inc. has raised 40 million shares, setting its price range to be between $26-$29. The company plans to publicly trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol PTON on September 26.

Oportun Financial Corporation plans to publicly trade on September 26 with shares pricing between $15-$17 with 6.25 million shares raised. The company is filed to run on the Nasdaq under the symbol OPRT.

Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. is proposing to run on the NYSE on September 27 under the symbol EDR with share pricing being in the range of $30-$32 with 19,354,839 shares.


Karat Packaging Inc. has filed for an IPO on September 17 with an offer amount of $50 million and wants to trade under the symbol KRAT.

Innate Pharma Sa filed for an IPO with an offer amount of $100 million on September 20. The company's proposed symbol is IPHA.


10sion Holdings Inc., who had a public trade offering amount of $33 million, withdrew from the public trade market on September 19.

Economic Transformation Technologies Corp., which had an offering amount of $20 million, cancelled their IPO on September 20.