With the IPO markets in full swing we continue this week with another six offerings on the calendar. Combined the six names hope to raise around $1.8 billion. The larger offerings this week are from the Chinese companies. There is also an online motorcycle marketplace, and a music streaming service.

First up, and the largest deal of the week is Quidian (QD  ) which hopes to raise $769 million by offering 37.5 million shares to the public at a range of $19 - 22. The Chinese based company is the largest provider of small loans and financing in China and hopes to expand on this service. Revenues have been on the rise thanks to a recent partnership with the Alipay platform.

Sea (SE  ) is the next largest offering of the week. The Singapore based company is looking for $646 million by offering 5.6 million shares at a range of $12 - 14. The company is focused on the online gaming and shopping space. Their main investor is Tencent which plans to invest $100 million in the IPO.

RumbleOn (RMBL  ) is an online marketplace for motorcycles and other power sport vehicles. The company currently is traded on the over the counter marketplace but is looking to expand. They hope to raise $19 million by offering 2 million shares at $9.49 a share.

Rise Education (REDU  ) will be looking for $143 million this week. The popular Chinese company is the leading provider of after-school English lessons, which is how it makes money. According to their filing, the company has 246 learning centers in over 80 cities in China, and 26,600 students. They will offer 11 million shares at a range of $12 - 14.

MongoDB (MDB  ) will be looking for $152 million this week. The tech company shows strong gains in revenue and gross profitability for the first half of 2017. The New York based company will offer 8 million shares at a range of $18 - 20.

Finally, LiveXLive Media (LXL  ) will be looking for $100 million this week by offering 7.6 million shares at a range of $12 - 14. The California based company provides an online music streaming service that specializes in live music. The company is still operating at a loss, and analysts have questioned their ability to continue.