This past Tuesday, plant-based meat substitute company, Impossible Foods, came out with meatless chicken nuggets in various restaurants. It also made known the intention that it would introduce it to grocery stores nearing the end of the month.

This is the very first time that Impossible Foods will provide plant-based chicken.

Over the course of the past ten years or so, chicken has turned into the number one preference for meat across the board in the United States. This makes Impossible Foods a strong competitor against other companies such as Beyond Meat (BYND  ), which came out with chicken nuggets in American restaurants this past July, which ended up being over two years past their doing away with the initial chicken substitute.

Impossible Foods is also attempting to encourage individuals to try out the plant-based poultry option, which provides a good deal of environmental and health perks. The new nugget option utilizes around 48% less land and 43% less water than actual chicken nuggets, which brings about over one third less greenhouse gas emissions.

Some of the grocery stores that plan to carry these types of nuggets with chicken substitutes include Walmart (WMT  ), Kroger (KR  ), and Albertsons (ACI  ), which should each contain them near the end of September. The estimated price for 20 nuggets will be $7.99, and Impossible Foods intends to carry the chicken substitute in over 10,000 grocery stores across America.

"Our technology platform allows us to recreate animal products across protein categories that outperform the animal versions in every way," Impossible Foods President Dennis Woodside said in a press statement. "Poultry is the most consumed meat in the United States, and Impossible Chicken Nuggets represent an incredible opportunity to transform the industry with a more delicious and sustainable version of a classic."

Since Impossible Foods will be releasing new meatless chicken nuggets with plant-based substitutes, this will attract consumers who are looking for overall healthier eating options. Although it may take time for customers to catch on to the new product, it will surely prove to be beneficial in the long run if they see the true value of its existence.