HBO Max (T  ) has recently announced a collaboration with the social media platform of Snapchat (SNAP  ). The goal of this partnership is to essentially offer free episodes from HBO Max's original programming to the Snapchat platform in the United States.

The Snap Mini, which is the company's bite-sized third party apps, will stream these episodes for users to enjoy. The streaming service will enable users to appreciate and watch television programs, such as "Gossip Girl" or "Game of Thrones," while communicating with friends at the same time.

The experience of streaming HBO Max through Snapchat is especially more interesting and engaging than the typical one because there are many interactive components that Snap Mini offers. Users can invite up to 63 Snapchat friends to view the television shows along with them as well. As soon as other users join the Snap Mini, the playback will instantly match up with that of their friends. Then they will be able to as they view the programs as well as share Bitmoji reactions with each other.

The experience of the Snap Mini, and streaming HBO Max services through it, has permitted many users to communicate about their favorite television programs. The experience is not strictly about communication, but also about utilizing a viewing experience in order to bring in sign-ups for paid subscriptions.

"People love to come together to watch their favorite HBO Max shows and talk about what's unfolding," stated HBO Max EVP, DTC Global Product Management, Sarah Lyons, in a press statement. "Our partnership with Snapchat is another step towards fulfilling that desire for human connection and providing our fans with co-viewing opportunities, while deepening their emotional relationship with the brand. We believe humans value recommendations that come from other humans, so having the opportunity for friends to suggest, and then subsequently watch content together paves the way for more meaningful discovery."

The partnership between HBO Max and Snapchat will surely bring together a sense of companionship and socialization as well as mutual interest and engagement. It will allow users to both enjoy their favorite television programs and to appreciate one another's online presences while doing so.