Last Tuesday, on Corvette's 70th conceptual anniversary, General Motors (GM  ) announced that its first-ever "electrified" Corvette will be available later this year at a starting price of roughly $104,000, no doubt reflecting the American automaker's efforts to offer electric vehicles exclusively by 2035.

Confirmed last year, the Eray will be the first hybrid version of what is arguably the quintessential American sports car. It will also be Corvette's quickest production model ever and can supposedly muster near concept car performance levels, achieving speeds of 0-60 in two and a half seconds.

"It's a testament to innovation that this car has represented throughout its 70-year legacy and certainly represents the future of what this car is capable to deliver going forward," Scott Bell, vice president of Chevrolet, said at the Eray's announcement.

It is unclear when a fully electrified Corvette will be available, but the 2023 Eray is undoubtedly an appropriate first step in GM's plans to electrify its lineup by mid-2030. Said plans were announced last year, when the automaker also promised to go fully carbon neutral by 2040.

According to GM, the hybrid Eray was conceived before the company fully crystallized its electrification plans in 2019, back when the automaker announced its eight-generation Corvette.

Nevertheless, while admittedly not as green, the hybrid system allowed GM's engineers to emphasize the car's performance. The Eray can muster 655 horsepower from its electric and V8 engines. Not only that, but the electric motor in the front allows for faster take-off speeds than those offered by traditional engines. Meanwhile, the car's battery will recharge via braking, coasting, and everyday driving.

GM President Mark Reuss and other GM officials have said their strategy with Corvette has been to offer both casual cars, like the Eray, and high-performance models, like the z06 Corvette.

"For the same money you can get all-wheel-drive, and comfort, security, and the livability that comes with a car like this," Tadge Juechter, the Corvette's executive chief engineer, told CBS. "We've really divided the family into pure track and to everyday utility."

"The mission of this vehicle was performance, performance, performance," Mike Kociba, lead Corvette development engineer said to CNBC. "Every kilogram or pound had to earn its way in from a mass standpoint."

The Eray will be available in both coupe and convertible models, with the coupe starting at the aforementioned 104k, while the convertible will be available at a 111k price point.

As far as the rest of GM's 2023-2024 lineup goes, eight other Chevy models have planned redesigns in store, expected are all-electric versions of the Silverado, Colorado, and Trax, as well as the company's Equinox and Blazer crossovers.

Meanwhile, as far as the timetable of GM's full electrification goes, the automaker said in September that it plans for 40% of its offerings to be fully electric by 2025.