There are four names looking to go public in this last week of the year though looks can be deceiving so don't quit reading now. On the official schedule this week there is another Chinese based, micro loan company, a life insurance company and some health care launches. Here's the thing, the largest deal of the week is based in China and, given it's popularity could already be sold out. None the less there are still four names, so if you are thinking of participating we should take a closer look.

First up, we'll focus on the largest offering which is LexinFintech Holdings (LX  ). This is an online, "micro" installment loan company which has gained in popularity in China in recent years. There have been many that have come public this year. This name is looking for $120 million by offering 12 million shares at a range of $9 - $11. Here's the main issue, regulation in China is getting harder and harder on these micro loan companies which makes this harder to invest in. If you take a look at the other microloan IPO's this year they are all negative by double digits. LexinFintech has also lowered its deal size because of this. Originally they were looking for $500 million.

Next we head to Puerto Rico to look at life insurance company Advantage Insurance (AVI  ). The company offers life insurance, and property insurance to high net worth individuals. While analysts note a strong management team, Wall Street does not like to see their earnings focused so closely on high-risk investments overall. The company will look to raise $100 million by offering 10 million shares at a range of $9 - $11.

Adial Pharmaceuticals (ADIL  ) will once again try to launch this week. After delaying last week the company will still look for $57 million by offering 1.4 million shares at $9 - $11. This company is developing medications to target alcohol abuse and hopes to complete phase three trials by the end of next year.

Finally,the smallest offering of the week, Hancock Jaffe Laboratories (HJLI  ) will aim for $13 million by offering 1.875 million shares at a range of $6 - $8. The company hopes to treat cardiovascular disease with their implants, currently in development. They claim that the use of their bioprosthetic devices can greatly reduce the time and complexity of current procedures done by vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons.