Investment firm Engine No. 1 launched its newest addition to its growing list of exchange-traded funds (ETF) on Wednesday, the Transform Supply Chain ETF (SUPP).

Being the firm's second actively-managed ETF, SUPP invests in companies that will drive supply chain innovations and resiliency, and hold long-term value creation through relocalization of manufacturing, automation and innovation, and transportation and logistics management.

"We're building a portfolio that capitalizes on the transition from old technologies to new ones, from short-term expediency to long-term value creation, and away from the low-cost-at-all costs thinking of the last 30 years towards a more resilient and modern American economy that is a leader in global competitiveness and that creates well-paying jobs here at home," Yasmin Dahya Bilger, head of ETFs at Engine No. 1, said in a statement.

In other words, SUPP is seeking to invest in companies that are working to minimize supply chain risks, a theme that is growing in popularity following the persistent supply-chain disruptions and increased logistics costs caused by the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

"It has never been more important for companies to make their supply chains more resilient, while also relocalizing manufacturing and jobs to North America," said Eli Horton, who will serve as SUPP's lead portfolio manager, in a statement. "We will invest in the companies that will drive and benefit from the ongoing supply chain transformation - creating long-term economic value and meaningful social and environmental impacts."

Engine No. 1 is best known as the activist investor that successfully secured three seats on Exxon Mobil's (XOM  ) board and holds a 0.02% stake in the oil giant. The firm has since launched the Transform 500 ETF (VOTE), which promises to help pressure the companies it invests by holding them accountable for sustainability and other environmental factors. Engine No. 1 has also created the Transform Climate ETF (NETZ) which invests in companies that benefit from the growth of renewable energy.

SUPP had 28 holdings as of Tuesday at an expense ratio of 0.75%, according to its website. The fund's top holdings include portable office space and storage provider Willscot Mobile Mini (WSC  ), building materials maker Martin Marietta Materials (MLM  ), and plastics pipe manufacturer Advanced Drainage Systems (WMS  ) at about 7%, 6.9% and 6%, respectively. SUPP has about $10 million in net assets.