This coming weekend, Disney's (DIS  ) film, "Avatar" is returning to theaters, three months prior to long-awaited its sequel's release in December. It is considered to be the biggest moneymaker for Disney, raking in $2.78 billion globally in its initial run, and so the company would ideally like to ignite interest in it again before the sequel, "The Way of Water," releases to the big screen.

"Many questions have been asked about the film's pop culture legacy over the past decade, but we also have to remember that James Cameron has been doubted before and proven many wrong," said Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at

Although Avatar has experienced a generally overwhelmingly positive response from viewers, its popularity differs depending on the country. In Korea, for example, it was listed as "No. 3" and in Saudi Arabia, it was No. 2, while No. 1 in Belgium and the Philippines.

According to James Cameron, the creator of Avatar, who is both an environmentalist and vegan, he has also decided to start a new nature documentary series known as "Super/Natural" to get viewers amped up for the release of Avatar. Videographers using effects like infrasound, ultrasound, ultraviolet, and so on have traveled around 25 different countries to capture both natural and scientific footage.

"What's our purpose in this? Not just to entertain, but absolutely to teach and to show the wonder, the majesty, the complexity, of nature," stated Cameron. "We're going to pull out every trick we know as entertainers, as storytellers, to try to get that engagement."

Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, this series is set out specifically to be a "logical extension of (Cameron's) latest filmmaking", according to AP News, in which Cameron intends to ignite a sense of awe and admiration for nature in viewers. Nature's many sides to it can potentially hold viewers' interests and gear them for the upcoming release of Avatar, which will be both scientific and imaginative in essence.

"It blows your mind how amazing nature is, things that we just take for granted, and how nature has developed all these different amazing strategies for these animals and these plants over millions of years," Cameron said in a comment on natural exploration.