Apple (AAPL  ) announced recently that it would create a new self-service repair program that will permit consumers to purchase parts that can potentially mend their iPhones or Macs. Initially, the program will permit iPhone users to replace screens, batteries, or cameras. At a later time, the company intends to have more parts that can be fixed within the program.

This move for a self-service repair program will be an enormous change for Apple, which, in the past, has been quite against the right-to-repair movement, and has not desired for any repairs to occur outside of its stores.

The program will be referred to as "Self Service Repair," and it will come out "early next year" in the United States, then expanding to other parts of the world. Apple said that the program is only intended for "individual technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices" and that most consumers still ought to seek consultation from professionals.

The company still, however, would like to provide the opportunity for consumers who do feel at ease with making the repairs on their own time. Making any repairs on one's own, however, does not cancel out a device's warrant, according to TechCrunch, but making any impairment to the devices while repairing might do so.

In the United States, the repair service will be accessible for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. At a later time, Apple will sell parts so that customers will be able to make repairs to their Macs that run on the Apple M1 chip. The Biden administration and the Federal Trade Commission have also ruled that individuals have the right to repair, which might have impacted or played a role in Apple having made this decision.

With Apple's new self-service repair program, it will surely make the process of technological repairs much easier for customers. Making this move will ascertain that consumers are able to have appropriate fixes to their devices, but with the leisure of being able to do it on their own time. Overall, the Self-Service Repair program will offer a sense of convenience that customers had not previously found, which will enable them to enjoy their technologies in a unique way.