Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Thursday that the company will be committing to meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement 10 years early, calling the co-founded commitment The Climate Pledge. The pledge is an initiative between Amazon (AMZN  ) and Global Optimism and calls on all signatories to be net zero carbon emissions across their businesses by 2040, with the Paris Agreement's goal being 2050.

The Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 seeks to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius and meaningfully reduce man-made emissions by 2050.

By signing the pledge, Bezos promised to measure and report the company's emissions on a regular basis, implement decarbonization strategies and alter its business strategies to offset remaining emissions. Bezo's goal is for 80% of Amazon's energy use to be renewable by 2024, up from the company's current rate of 40%, and by 2030 he hopes to run the company fully on renewables.

Part of the announcement also included Amazon agreeing to purchase 100,000 electric delivery vans from the vehicle manufacturer Rivian. Bezos plans to have the first electric delivery vans on the road by 2021, and have all purchased vehicles deployed by 2024.

"We want to use our scale and our scope to lead the way. One of the things we know about Amazon as a role model for this is that it's a difficult challenge for us because we have deep, large physical infrastructure. So, if we can do this, anyone can do this," Bezos stated to the news conference.

Thursday's announcement comes the day before thousands of Amazon employees pledged to walk off the job to protest the company's pollution and support of fossil fuel companies and climate deniers. Massive demonstrations around the world starting Friday are part of an organized protest call the Global Climate Strike. This global strike is ahead of the United Nations summit on climate action that is taking place on September 23.

Bezos encourages other companies to join The Climate Pledge.