Recently, Amazon's (AMZN  ) IMDb launched the "What to Watch" app exclusively for Amazon Fire TV in the United States. This app provides customized film and television suggestions throughout various streaming platforms, specifically catered to users' favorite genres and interests to help them pick something new to watch.

In a recent press release, Amazon referred to three new games that will show up in the app, one of which will "shuffle through movie and series options" and then provide three options to pick from. The app also includes an option that allows users to view and rate IMDb lists in order to collect digital stamps. This option, referred to as "Watch Challenge," contains options from the IMDb Top 250 film list along with other award-winning movie titles.

In order to access the app, all users need to do is to download the app and then open with Alexa by saying, "Alexa, open IMDb What to Watch app."

Some other examples of games that this new app will have are "This or That," "Build-a-Cast," and "Time Machine." For This or That, users will ask a set of questions (e.g. What film genre that they are searching for) in order to come up with film suggestions that would appeal to them.

Another example of a game that can be played on this app is Quick Draw. With this game, users will be able to enjoy virtual playing cards that shuffle through film and series options. Users will be able to click "deal cards" whenever they would like to be presented with a new set of options.

In addition, the "Your Services" feature allows users to adjust app settings to make certain movie titles more available from whichever streaming services that they prefer. As soon as viewing choices have been made, the users will be able to see where exactly the titles can be streamed, and then be able to view the movies from there.