It's no surprise that while the coronavirus pandemic tore across the world, it dealt devastating damage to travel, tourist and hotel industries. And while Airbnb has also suffered due to the global health crisis, they have still confidentially filed for IPO paperwork through it all.

Airbnb connects travelers with all kinds of property rentals, from glamorous and upscale to small and off the beaten path. The app company was also hit by the cancellations and travel halt like every other company in the travel business, and was forced to lay off nearly a quarter of its workforce and dialed back spending on marketing and advertising. There was even speculation in Wall Street if Airbnb would have to pause its plans to go public in the stock market.

According to CNBC's "Mad Money with Jim Cramer,"Airbnb is now the safest way to travel. Hotels are considered a dangerous breeding ground for coronavirus by the public. Meanwhile, smaller spaces away from the crowds and COVID-19 are being looked at favorably. Jim Cramer has even been quoted calling this the "steal of the century" because it's coming into the stock market at a low, while all investors know the real value of this is much higher, or at least will skyrocket once the economy starts coming back to normal. Thanks to this, Airbnb is finally able to push back against the hotel industry thats been trying to box it out of the market.

Airbnb has near unfettered access to secluded and rural areas, and business is picking up. Many people in cities or pandemic hotspots have been fleeing to the countryside to find refuge. Even though the company had been cut down to half its worth in 2017, it's still valued at $18 billion. It's unclear how many shares are being offered or just how much each share will be worth, but with its COVID-19 comeback and IPO paperwork going forward, Airbnb just might be the stock to watch.