The year 2023 has had its share of themes and innovations, but perhaps none have been as impactful as the rise of artificial intelligence.

The choice of "AI" as the word of the year by a leading dictionary is unsurprising to many, given its enduring relevance.

What Happened: Much like the word "metaverse," which was among the most popular words in 2022, AI is one of the most talked about topics among consumers, analysts and investors this year.

The word, which is an acronym of artificial intelligence, was named as the word of the year for 2023 by Collins Dictionary.

AI's definition from the dictionary is as follows:

"abbreviation for artificial intelligence: the modelling of human mental functionality by computer programs"

In a blog post, Collins Dictionary says AI is considered to be next great technological revolution and was "much talked about in 2023."

"The revolutionary AI-powered language model burst into the public consciousness in late 2022, wowing us with its ability to mimic natural human speech," the blog post reads.

Examples of using AI from the post include helping make a presentation, creating a recipe with ingredients in the cupboard and more.

As AI continues to grow, Collins Dictionary writes that people will wonder if machines can become human-like and what the impact on humans will be.

Shortlisted Words: Besides "AI" topping the list for 2023, Collins Dictionary highlighted other trending words that didn't clinch the title.

Here's the list:

Bazball: energetic and aggressive form of cricket

Canon event: an event that is essential to the formation of a person's identity or character

Debanking: an event where a bank closes customer accounts

Deinfluencing: influencer warns followers to avoid certain products or lifestyle choices

Greedflation: using inflation to artificial rise prices to boost profits

Nepo baby: someone who may have had an advancement in their career due to having famous parents

Semaglutide: antidiabetic medication to treat Type 2 diabetes and as an anti-obesity medication known as Ozempic from Novo Nordisk (NVO  )

ULEZ: an acronym for ultra-low emission zone, which is an area in a city that doesn't allow traditional automotives or charges extra for the use in the region

Ultra-processed: foods that often have little to no nutritional value